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Carol, the co-founder of Vegatinos, is driven by the inspiration of family and friends who encouraged them to share their authentic food with others. The journey began with private dinners called “Comiditas” held in a friend’s backyard during the summer of 2017. As demand grew, Vegatinos realized the need for a larger space and decided to launch weekly pop-ups in Panorama City and surrounding areas. The success of these pop-ups is attributed to the exceptional teamwork that ensures the delivery of quality food and outstanding customer service; each team member plays a crucial role in making Vegatinos succeed, and we are eternally grateful for all their efforts and loyalty.
As the Vegatinos continues to grow and expand, Carol and her team remain committed to their original mission of sharing authentic food inspired by their loved ones. They strive to create memorable eating experiences that celebrate the beauty and diversity of plant-based foods, while also promoting a sustainable and a compassionate lifestyle.

Vegatinos has a strong mission and purpose behind its founding. It aims to challenge the notion that being vegan means sacrificing flavor, and instead offers delicious vegan options that are accessible to local communities, especially in areas where food injustices exist. Additionally, Vegatinos seeks to make a difference by providing scholarships to undocumented students and raising awareness of injustices, both locally and globally. Their goal is to demonstrate that it is possible to enjoy the foods we grew up with, without harming animals or compromising our cultural heritage. Vegatinos invites everyone to join them in the fight for flavorful, ethically sources food that positively impacts our environment.

The Vegatinos Scholarship Fund, initiated by Carol in 2018, demonstrates the commitment of Vegatinos to give back to the community and support undocumented students. It was established with the intention of supporting individuals who may face barriers to accessing higher education due to their immigration status. The fund aims to alleviate some of the financial burdens that undocumented students often encounter while pursuing their educational goals.

By selling the popular sweet Mexican bread, Conchas, from La Panadería La Mexicana located in La Habrá, she was able to raise $5,000 in the last four months of 2018. This shows the generosity and support of both customers and friends who contributed to the scholarship fund. In the following year, 2019, the community continued to rally behind the cause, and she successfully raised $10,000. This significant increase in funds raised shows the growing support and recognition of the importance of providing financial assistance to undocumented students.

The Vegatinos Scholarship Fund not only highlights the dedication of Carol and the Vegatinos team to making a positive impact, but it also showcases the power of community involvement and collaboration. The success of the scholarship fund in its first two years is truly inspiring and demonstrates the positive influence that culinary ventures like Vegatinos can have beyond just the realm of vegan food.

Originally from Guatemala and raised in LA, Carol graduated with a double major in Psychology & Central American Studies from CSUN in 2014. Her introduction to a vegan lifestyle occurred during her final year in college through an Environmental Justice class. Initially a vegetarian for six months, Carol transitioned to veganism after being moved by the documentary Earthlings. Her commitment is rooted in the aim to contribute positively to the environment, advocate for animal liberation, and combat unethical working practices in the Agriculture Industry.

In her free time, Carol enjoys immersing herself in nature, wether it’s watching a breathtaking sunset at the beach, hiking mountains, or chasing waterfalls. She also cherishes spending time with her beloved pets. Her reading interests include books on healing, spiritual awakening, and consciousness. Carol is known for her contagious laughter, and kind heart.


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